Welcome to the Resistance

[I wrote this in November 2009 as a performance piece, intended to be read aloud. I always wanted it to be longer, but I now think that it would be more powerful to have different perspectives on what the Christian faith is intended to look like lived out.]

Welcome to the Resistance
We resist a faith without heart
Without legs
Without Jesus Christ at the center
As the why, the what, and the how
The Alpha and the Omega
We resist a “god” impotent to change

A Church impotent to redeem

A world impotent to save

No longer will we close our eyes
Waiting for an answer
I AM is the answer
I am the answer
The resistance begins with me
Giving my life to You

No longer will I allow:

My heart

To be unchanged

My soul

To be unplumbed

My faith

To be untested, untried, unused.

Untrue to the faith to which Jesus Christ has called me

[He has called you, too]

I resist
A faith without growth
A faith without Spirit
A faith without repentance, accountability, vulnerability
A faith without community.

Welcome to the Resistance
We resist apathy
Trophies for our works,
Filthy rags in lieu of righteous deeds

Lord give us,
A life worthy of imitation

Imitating You.

Welcome to the Resistance.

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