What Disneyland Can’t Teach the Church

There are several other things I could write about on the topic of Disneyland’s intentional thought and how it could teach the Church such as:

  • Creativity breed creativity. The more that you equip and empower people to use their gifts and creativity, the more that you will attract others with such gifts and make remarkable things happen.
  • Obvious and easy next steps. Disneyland wants its guests to spend money and do many things to support that goal. There are many and obvious places to part with your hard-earned money(e.g. building gift shops at the end of the rides). Because the “next steps” are well placed and clearly defined, people follow them easily.
  • Both “in” and “out.” Along with the above point, Disneyland’s next steps are both in (bringing you back) and out (bringing a piece of the park with you into your everyday world). While coming back is often highlighted in churches, we forget the obvious and easy next steps that occur out of our doors and programs.

Much as I love Disneyland, I have to end this series by talking about what the Church can’t learn from it.

On one of my last trips to the park, I had the pleasure of seeing World of Color, which is a water, fire, music, video, and light show. It’s breathtaking. Truly, I marveled at the creativity and those elements could be manipulated in wonderful ways. When the show was over, however, I felt a deep sadness. Even though the creators of the show had done something wonderful, it was noticeably hollow.

There was no purpose.

Disneyland, for all it’s creativity and intentionality, lacks a compelling purpose. It’s a fun diversion. It would be a tragedy for the Church to be described likewise.

The Church is saddled with the highest purpose. We make an eternal difference, for better or worse. It’s with that in mind that I want to see us succeed by using as many means as we can to reach people. My hope and prayer is that we do everything we can to creatively reach the world, but we never lose our message,

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