frances_open_mic“Frances does a fabulous job incorporating Biblical wisdom with hope and humor, so I knew I was going to get a good laugh while also walking away with tangible tools that are founded on Biblical truth.” -Andrea, MOPS Coordinator

“Frances has the ability to clearly articulate an idea in an easy, humorous, unassuming way, but that touches on deep truths.” -Audience survey

Find Your Fire (MOPS 2018-19)

Cultivating Expectancy: It is easy focus on what’s going wrong and falling short in our lives! Part of finding our fire is learning to think about what could go right. This interactive workshop focuses on how we can cultivate a sense of hopeful expectancy for the future through recognizing and remembering God’s work in our lives.

Not A Blip: When things go differently than expected, it’s tempting to hunker down and wait for things go back to “normal.” What happens when it’s not a blip? What if this is the new normal? Part of finding your fire is learning to surrender daringly. This talk focuses on how to embrace the life we’re actually leading so that we’re not just surviving challenges, but thriving in spite of them.

Breaking Free from Mom Guilt: I never knew until I had children just how many reasons I would feel guilty! Guilt is paralyzing and can keep us from living the life we want to live. Finding your fire means learning to breathe freely and embrace the truth that you can’t do more to be loved. This message focuses on discerning where the guilt is coming from and how to move forward into freedom and joy.

Fun & Practical

Parenting with Personality in Mind: Early on, we can see glimpses of just what our kids are like. Sometimes it’s fun to see their personalities emerge; other times, it’s frustrating! This fun, practical talk focuses on looking at the unique strengths and challenges of four different personality types. It will help you to understand where your kids (and other loved ones) are coming from and learn ways to help shape them into the best version of themselves.

Custom Talks

If you have a topic or theme in mind for your group other than what I have listed, I’m happy to work with you to share something personalized for you. I love to work with churches and groups to design a message that will meet their needs. I’m get most excited talking about interpersonal relationships/leadership principles, spiritual practices to connect with Jesus, finding your sweet spot/purpose, and applying God’s Word to our daily lives.

If you’re interested in having me come share with your group, visit my Contact Page and drop me a line!


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