Quick Cleaning

After I wrote my cleaning tips, I started thinking about an area I left out: last minute cleaning. You know, when you find out you’re going to have guests last minute or you have far less time to clean than you’d normally take. Especially with Thanksgiving looming, the following steps really freshen your house and make it feel clean, even if many things are left undone.

  1. Light a candle or spritz some room spray. Clean is not just what we see, it’s what we smell and touch, too.
  2. Grab a laundry basket and stuff it with large clutter from your main living space (or wherever you anticipate the guests will spend most time). Put it somewhere out of the way.
  3. Wipe the bathroom mirror and faucet with windex (or vinegar!) in your guest bathroom.
  4. Clean the toilet bowl (if it’s really dirty, soak it with vinegar first for 10 minutes) and wipe the seat.
  5. If the your main living area is carpet, run a vacuum. Otherwise, sweep or use a swiffer.

Here are a few more quick fixes (if you have more time):

  • Make your bed. Your bed is usually the most noticeable thing in your bedroom. When it’s made, everything looks cleaner. Plus, if you’re planning on having people store their coats and purses in your room, a made bed is a necessity.
  • Do the dishes. An overflowing sink catches your eyes and it can create strong smells.
  • Clean out the cat box and sweep around it. Do I really need to explain this one?!?
  • Shake out area rugs. It’s faster and easier than vacuuming.
  • Take out the trash and recycling if it’s been a few days, even if they’re not full. Again, it cuts down weird smells and frees you up from having an overflowing trash in the middle of cooking and/or entertaining.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy your guests. Once they arrive, leave your undone chores alone and have fun! Even if your house isn’t perfect, they’re there to see you, not to inspect your cleaning. And if they are there to inspect your house, don’t invite them over again! 😉

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