What Disneyland Could (re)Teach the Church

I often share that Disneyland is one of my happy places. Makes sense, being “The Happiest Place on Earth” and all. I’ve read books, watched programs, and have been often enough to learn lots of nifty little details which make the park such a special place. I like to think that I’ve been doing research for years to write these posts, but in reality, I just like going to Disneyland.

What impresses me the most is the level of intentional thought Disney puts into every aspect of the park. They have thought through the experience of every guest who walks through the gates and have created ways to make that experience positive, memorable, and powerful. That’s why people go back in spite of the large crowds and high prices.

Naturally, I think of how to apply what I observe in Disneyland to my other happy place, the Church. The next few posts, I’m going to turn my attention to some specific aspects that I believe could really impact the gathered church (i.e. the Sunday worship services) because of how they’ve impacted me personally.

I propose that the same intentional thought that Disneyland puts into their park and services could make our message all the more memorable and powerful.

I also have to say at the outset that each aspect I’ll look at isn’t necessarily new to the Church. That’s why I say (re)teach. These are often ancient ideas that we’ve sometimes forgotten or lost in the annals of time. I also have to say that some churches do these things really well. I’m not making a blanket statement that churches mess this stuff up; it’s more positing, “What can we learn from people who are fantastic at shaping experiences?”

As Peter Pan so boldly declared, “Here we go!”

Up Next: Sacred Spaces

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