Grace in Practice

The above clip came across my newsfeed today. In the midst of animals memes, FMLs, and other inane stuff, there was this gem of a story. Debt collectors being nice, serving people, in order to collect debts? Seriously? What happened to the days of harassing phone calls or even busted knee caps? Turns out, according to the owner of the company this method is far more effective than threats. 200% more effective than the competitors.

See, the debt collection company operates under the assumption that people don’t pay their debts because they don’t have money. No matter how hard they squeeze, there is no blood coming from a stone. Novel concept, right? So instead of trying to make someone do something they are unable to do, this company helps people to get to a place where they are able to pay. They serve them in any way they can, even as far as making resumes for people who need them!

This perspective not only is more profitable, it creates positive feelings in its clients! This company takes the burden of debt and makes it manageable. It provides hope to people that they will not live in the shadow of debt forever.

I can’t help by think this is a perfect example of grace. Like those who owe money to this company, grace recognizes that we are all in over our heads. We’d pay the debt if only we could, but we just don’t have the means. A lot of us are trying to make ends meet through doing good things or the “right” things, but our debt is too high. Instead of demanding us to pay up, God recognized our neediness and made a way back through Jesus. Jesus not only points the way back to the Father, he paid the price. Even more amazing, the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting of transforming us, so that we actually become the person God wants us to be. Because of grace, we can have hope.

Grace is a remarkable thing.

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