Just Frances T


I recently took family photos, which is always quite an endeavor: choosing sort-of matching outfits, making sure they’re pressed and ready to go, making sure the kids are clean-ish, making sure I’m clean-ish, and getting out the door on time! It’s always one of the most stressful things I inflict upon myself. As I took my (what feels like) annual shower in preparation for this portrait session, I was bemoaning my persistent… Read More

I’ve been absent from here for the past few months as I counted down to and recovered from the birth of my daughter, J.J. In the flurry of preparations and other life stuff, I’ve had many thoughts of what I wanted to write, but I find every thought is a passing thought with a newborn and toddler demanding so much of my attention. When I was at church last weekend, wearing J.J…. Read More