Stolen Wiper Blades

A week before Christmas, someone stole the windshield wipers off of my car as I was inside a thrift store buying baby & maternity clothes in preparation for Tuckito’s imminent arrival. As I prepared to drive off, I automatically switched on the wipers to clear the windshield and heard an awful scraping sound. It took me a moment to register what had happened. “Wait, would someone do that to a pregnant woman, in the middle of a stormy weekend?” Indeed, they would.

It’s really the strangest thing that I’ve had stolen from a car, but was definitely a crappy thing to happen in the middle of a stormy evening. Though part of me wanted to whine and complain and pray imprecatory psalms, I made a conscious choice to apply what I know from the Bible to the situation.

What I told myself:

1)  This shouldn’t be shocking, seeing as how we live in a fallen world. That’s not to say that it’s easy or pleasant, but as I told Matt, “It is what it is.” I’m not immune to bad things happening because I follow Jesus or work in ministry. In fact, I’m promised that I will feel the same pain as the rest of creation as we eagerly await Christ’s return.

2)  In spite of this, there are many reasons to be thankful & I need to choose to be thankful in all circumstances. The storm broke long enough for me to drive the few miles to an auto parts store for replacement wipers. Matt was with me at the time driving a separate car, so I could follow him and have someone help me put the replacement blades on. I was able to afford new wipers because I had just received a Christmas bonus this week. I consciously thanked God for the many blessings woven throughout a difficult situation.

I was surprised that I actually felt better, though I shouldn’t have been. Theology isn’t just for Sunday sermons or seminary students; I have to apply it to my life to feel its transformative effects. When I ask God to help me see things through a Biblical lens, he’s been faithful to show me. But it’s a conscious choice to look at life that way. I’m not always great at this. In fact, handling this situation in this way is the exception for me…which leads me to one more thing for which I can consciously thank God,

God is changing me in ways I never expected and showing me through situations I wouldn’t have wanted. Thank you, Jesus.

One Comment on “Stolen Wiper Blades

  1. Awe…that’s too bad you got your wiper blades stolen. What a weird thing to steal? I once got my center wheel thing (I don’t even know what it’s called) stolen off of my Mustang when I was in college, rather annoying. I’m sure the people who stole your wiper blades didn’t know you were pregnant, though stealers usually don’t put their victims feelings in front of theirs. Good post! Hope you are feeling good being pregnant!

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