What Do You See?

Check out this video:

Last week, I preached on how pivotal circumstances grow our faith. I used this video during the service to illustrate the need to train our eyes to see God’s glory in our story. Every service, it was fun to hear people as they watched the video. I could hear murmurs of counting, cheering when they got the number right, and then disbelief at the reveal. “No way!” People would laugh out loud and gasp, “Seriously?!” I love to surprise people, so it cracked me up every time to listen to a gobsmacked congregation.

It’s amazing what we don’t see, though, isn’t it? This video reminds me that it’s so easy to miss something that is right in front of me, like God’s faithful love. I get so distracted by what I think I need to focus on that I miss the most remarkable thing. What if in times of stress and pain, I believe God is hiding from me, but I’m really just distracted?

Lord, help me to see you. Amen.

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