Just Frances T


In my last post, I mentioned that the world’s longest application included several expected interview questions. Another question that gave me pause alongside of “What are your strengths?” was the contrasting question, “What are your weaknesses?” Again, the older I get, the greater understanding I have of my weaknesses, but the rub of putting them on an application is twofold. 1) Narrowing down to only a few weaknesses [let’s be honest, there’s… Read More

The past several months, I have been searching for “The One”. It’s been a surprisingly difficult search. I was sure I knew who it was when I started, but certainty eludes me now. I have many moments where I think that it should be easier, the “right” answer more obvious. If only it were that simple. Of course, I’m talking about finding a new church community. I’ve had several conversations with people… Read More

As I stood on one leg with the other foot propped up on the toilet, like a clumsy, backwards flamingo, I chuckled thinking about how early on in relationships you worry about shaved legs. Eight years into my marriage, I hardly notice unshaved legs until I realize strangers might notice. Since I was invited to a pool party playdate and was already too late to shower, I opted for to dry shave… Read More