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I love to organize stuff. I regularly take time to go through closets, bookshelves, drawers, and any other nook where stuff collects just to make sure everything is usable and accessible. I know it seems crazy to enjoy organization, but having kids has multiplied the amount of stuff we have, but not our space. It’s a necessity. What I’ve noticed in purging unused stuff is that organizing always starts out as a… Read More

From time to time, my husband arrives home and I’ll ask him, “So, is it really hot out there today?” and he’ll respond, “I don’t know. I was in an air conditioned office all day.” This happens surprisingly often. It’s kind of sad that between the two of us we don’t spend enough time outside to know the weather! I know this isn’t that uncommon, especially where we live, home of the… Read More

I was in the grocery store recently and noticed that among the gossip rags dishing about celebrity affairs and women’s magazines promising an easy way to lose ten pounds was an adult coloring book simply titled Cats with Hats. It was exactly what one would expect, black-and-white drawings of cats wearing different hats: sailor hats, derbies, sun hats, etc. I bring this up for two reasons. 1) It’s completely awesome. 2) It… Read More

The moms group I’m a part of has “Freestyle Fridays” every other week, which means we have childcare but no formal meeting. Moms can drop their kids off and run errands, have breakfast with friends, exercise, or anything else a couple of uninterrupted hours affords. (FREEDOM!) The past semester, I began leading a Bible study on those weeks focused on this years’ MOPS theme: A Fierce Flourishing.  As I prayed through what… Read More

Just before I started writing my previous post, I had this pesky thought creep in while musing about putting my ministry career on hold for the time being. I can get lost in thought about the things I’d do differently or the way that I wish things were headed. In the midst of my reverie, seemingly out of nowhere, came the question, “What if it’s not a blip?” meaning, what if this… Read More

As we enjoyed some overdue rain in California this week, I was reminded of God’s power. Likewise, as I watched a crowdsourcing campaign raise more than double its original goal to help a friend with medical expenses, I was reminded of God’s power. Job talks of big, splashy reminders of God’s power: creating the sky and earth, day and night, both shaking the foundations of heaven and calming the sea, but the… Read More

As I stood on one leg with the other foot propped up on the toilet, like a clumsy, backwards flamingo, I chuckled thinking about how early on in relationships you worry about shaved legs. Eight years into my marriage, I hardly notice unshaved legs until I realize strangers might notice. Since I was invited to a pool party playdate and was already too late to shower, I opted for to dry shave… Read More

There’s been a long drought in California the past few years that it seems all people can talk about. We worry about the crops, wildfires, and communities whose wells have run dry. Even on the drive to Hume Lake through Kings Canyon National Park, dead pine trees pepper the landscape, their red needles giving the mountains the false look of New England in the fall. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that… Read More

Another year in the books for me. Last week ushered in my 36th birthday and birthdays lend themselves to reflection, so here I am, reflecting. The past year has seen many positive changes for me: exercising and losing weight, going on a much-needed retreat, heeding God’s call and stepping down from my ministry role to focus on being a mom, moving to a closer church & diving right in to a group… Read More