Just Frances T


I’ve started training for a 5k that I’m running in early next year, which means spending more time outside. Last week, I walked around a lovely, but not particularly pedestrian-friendly, town. I only noticed the lack of paths because I was pushing a stroller containing a drowsy baby looking up at me. The block would start off with a sidewalk, even a wheelchair ramp on the corner, but said sidewalk would quickly… Read More

From time to time, my husband arrives home and I’ll ask him, “So, is it really hot out there today?” and he’ll respond, “I don’t know. I was in an air conditioned office all day.” This happens surprisingly often. It’s kind of sad that between the two of us we don’t spend enough time outside to know the weather! I know this isn’t that uncommon, especially where we live, home of the… Read More

Last weekend, I went to a women’s retreat with my church where, among other things, we spent time painting to express what was going on inside of us and in our relationship with God. In our painting, we answered three questions. 1) What does your soul look like right now? 2) What’s blocking you in your life right now? 3) What does your next step in a deeper relationship with God look… Read More