Just Frances T


Day 2: BLESSING THE NIGHT DARE: Go outside and count 100 stars. Then make an audacious wish on the brightest star. I wrapped a wool poncho around my worn pajamas and stepped out onto my porch. The blustery night air cut through the seams of my clothes. “Let’s get this over with quickly,” I thought with a shiver. I looked up to count 100 stars. Nothing. The night sky was hidden by… Read More

It was quite a day yesterday. One of my neighbors posted this picture of the fire marching steadily over the mountains where we live last night. Thankfully, the glow and smoke from the fire was visible from where we are, but it’s not too close and seems to be moving away from us right now. Amazingly enough, when I look at the above picture, I don’t notice the flames so much. All… Read More

Oh, Facebook. I have a love/hate relationship with you. I love reading interesting articles that my friends post (even when I don’t agree). I love seeing pictures of kiddos as they grow. I love reconnecting with high school friends who are much cooler than I remember. But recently–you broke my heart. I’m used to seeing vacations I’m not taking and meals I wish I were eating, but this was different. You showed… Read More