Just Frances T


Day 2: BLESSING THE NIGHT DARE: Go outside and count 100 stars. Then make an audacious wish on the brightest star. I wrapped a wool poncho around my worn pajamas and stepped out onto my porch. The blustery night air cut through the seams of my clothes. “Let’s get this over with quickly,” I thought with a shiver. I looked up to count 100 stars. Nothing. The night sky was hidden by… Read More

[Note: A few months back, after the MOPS year had ended, I found the 28 day challenge MOPS gave last year with their welcome packet. The next couple of posts are responses I wrote to some of those challenges.] TRUTH: In what ways do you feel out of control in your life? DARE: Jump into some water. Dip in a pool, swim in a lake, wade in a river. Let your skin… Read More