Just Frances T


I love to organize stuff. I regularly take time to go through closets, bookshelves, drawers, and any other nook where stuff collects just to make sure everything is usable and accessible. I know it seems crazy to enjoy organization, but having kids has multiplied the amount of stuff we have, but not our space. It’s a necessity. What I’ve noticed in purging unused stuff is that organizing always starts out as a… Read More

The moms group I’m a part of has “Freestyle Fridays” every other week, which means we have childcare but no formal meeting. Moms can drop their kids off and run errands, have breakfast with friends, exercise, or anything else a couple of uninterrupted hours affords. (FREEDOM!) The past semester, I began leading a Bible study on those weeks focused on this years’ MOPS theme: A Fierce Flourishing.  As I prayed through what… Read More

I had a follow-up appointment last week through my weight management program to calculate my resting metabolic rate. Basically, a machine monitored my breathing to determine how many calories I burn a day doing nothing. I was pretty excited to do this, since it gives solid data as far as eating goes and I was secretly hoping I could eat more than the tiny amount of calories allotted in general [Woohoo, I… Read More

As I mentioned in part 1, I couldn’t avoid talking about prayers that have gone unanswered. The Lord is not a genie who grants our every wish if we just say the right words or writes everything down, so there are bound to be prayers that seem to go unheard. As we’ve mentioned to several of our friends and family members, Matt and I have been praying for open doors to move… Read More

I had the pleasure of starting a brand-new SOAP journal a couple weeks back. My nerdy side loves office supplies in general, but especially loves the fresh pages of a new journal. All of my SOAP journals have pages to record prayer requests along with the date and the date answered. So far, those pages have remained blank in each of my journals. I just never got into the habit of writing… Read More