Just Frances T


Every week, the moms group I attend puts out free day-old bread from a local bakery. I grabbed a whole-wheat baguette and before I knew it, the day old bread turned into rock-hard week-old bread, which is pretty useless to slice and eat as-is. Instead of throwing the bread away, I decided to make baked French toast for Christmas. The dried bread was perfect for soaking up the [super healthy] egg &… Read More

As we enjoyed some overdue rain in California this week, I was reminded of God’s power. Likewise, as I watched a crowdsourcing campaign raise more than double its original goal to help a friend with medical expenses, I was reminded of God’s power. Job talks of big, splashy reminders of God’s power: creating the sky and earth, day and night, both shaking the foundations of heaven and calming the sea, but the… Read More